In nearly a quarter-century of effective park advocacy, the collective membership of FSNMP have successfully assisted the park achieve:
• The completion of a five-year archaeological investigation of Temple Mound A at Shiloh Indian Mounds NHL, conducted by the National Park Service from 1999-2004. This important scientific
investigation recovered vital archaeological data concerning the structural history of this prominent Mississippian mound, which was threatened with destruction by impending erosion to the Tennessee River Shoreline.
• The acquisition of more than 1,000 additional acres of Shiloh battlefield lands authorized to permanent inclusion in the park; and
continued efforts to secure acquisition of additional authorized battlefield properties still in private ownership. The Friends have assisted in obtaining 2,500 acres encompassing the related Civil War sites of Fallen Timbers, Davis Bridge, and Russell House, for inclusion to the park.
• Expansion of the park stewardship mission to include battlefield lands and related historic sites associated with the Siege of Battle of Corinth in northeastern Mississippi. These efforts assisted in
the formal establishment of a Corinth Unit of Shiloh National Military Park and in the construction of the park’s multi-million dollar award winning Corinth Civil War Interpretive Center, as well as the sites of Fallen Timbers, Davis Bridge, and Russell House, for inclusion to the park.
• Completion of a multi-phased multi-million dollar Federal Highway Project to modernize roads and bridges providing visitor access to the Shiloh battlefield, and which opened access to numerous battlefield sites closed to visitor vehicles for a number of decades, such as Calvary Road, and both Brown’s Landing Road and the scenic Dill Branch causeway, which provide access to Shiloh Indian Mounds NHL, the Tennessee River, and Grant’s Last Line.